Rubberised Coir

About & Applications

A 100% natural, bio degradable and eco-friendly product made from vegetable derivatives of natural rubber and coir fibre, its natural properties give it an edge over synthetic materials.

Coir is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut. It is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut.

Natural Rubber/Latex – Natural Latex is a milky substance harvested from rubber tree plants. Coir and Centrifuged natural latex are treated together to make 100% natural Rubberised coir sheets/pads.


Spring Mattresses

A layer of Rubberised coir is being increasingly used as the preferred topping in spring mattresses. It adds a natural spring or bounce effect to the spring mattress, and also increases the durability of the product.

100 % Natural 100% Natural
Durability Durability
Resilience Resilience
Naturally BreathableNaturally Breathable

Mattress Core

Rubberised coir provides an extremely healthy and natural core alternative to spring and foam mattresses. In the South Asian countries, wholly made mattresses of rubberised coir have been the preferred sleeping choice of people for decades.


Rubberised coir has been traditionally used by the most renowned ar companies of the world, to give an edge to their car seats. It is also used by the furniture industry to sprue up the cushions, mattings, mattresses and other comfort products.





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