Components (b2b)

Rubberised coir finds numerous applications across different industries, ranging from the bedding & comfort industry to the automobile industry. Some of the major industries where Centuary products have been used are highlighted below.

Spring Mattress Topping

Sheets of rubberised coir are ideal for the lamination in spring mattresses.

Matting Material

Due to the elastic and cushioning nature of the product, rubberised coir is ideal to use in protective mats or linings. In fact, the very first use of rubberised coir was during World War II where mats of rubberised coir were used to air-drop tanks into enemy territory.


Rubberised coir finds a range of significant uses in the seating industry. Cushions/seats made out of rubberised coir are used in automobile seats, sofas, chairs, etc.

Hospital Orthopedic Mattresses

Being a natural, hygienic product, rubberised coir is preferred in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Centuary mattresses are also highly recommended for people with orthopedic ailments. The higher density products provide a high level of support for the back and the spine. The company also specialises in making foldable hospital beds.

Baby Mattresses

Rubberised coir mattresses, in addition to being hygienic, are also highly resistant to termites, insects, fungi, etc. The material is also naturally permeable making it the ideal product for babies to sleep on.





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