Manufacturing plants

Centuary has four facilities in Hyderabad, India, from where we manufacture our entire product range. These plants are spread over 30,000 sq. mt. and are capable of producing 600,000 mattresses, 5000 tonnes of polyurethane foam, and 9000 tonnes of rubberised coir annually.

Centuary also has an in-house foam plant, an indigeneous rubberised coir plant, and the latest inner spring manufacturing plant, apart from the latest mattress-producing equipment available in the industry. Having our production units in-house helps us maintain quality standards, while also giving us scope to constantly innovate.



Centuary employs over 500 people, whose commitment and dedication drive the company forward.



Centuary employs the finest machinery and equipment in existence. The polyurethane foam plants have been procured from German suppliers. Cutting edge technology from Austria is used for manufacturing rubberised coir. The finest quality quilting, covering, and finishing equipment of American make is used. These machines, combined with an unparalleled knowledge of the industry, make every Centuary creation a masterpiece of comfort and technology.

With a focus on quality, innovation and continuous evolution, Centuary also has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities on site.


Stx Technology

Our proprietary Sleep Enhancing Technology empowers us to offer you products that assure you that much-needed comfort and rest, while maintaining high quality and durability. Today, every Centuary product comes equipped with STX. This revolutionary technology has helped make a positive difference in the lives of our customers across India, and has made us the one-stop sleep solutions provider in the country.


Product Quality

Our 25 years of industry experience and our propriety TX technology empowers us to carefully engineer each and every product, giving quality prime importance.
Our products have the following advantages:

  • Durability: All Centuary products are designed to last, and hence come with a higher warranty period.
  • Support: Healthcare research reveals that the primary purpose of any mattress is to provide sturdy support to an individual’s spine. With the proprietary technology, nobody does it better than Centuary.
  • Appearance: Centuary products are made from the finest cloth and tapestry on imported machinery to provide the classiest finishing and appearance.
  • Comfort: Centuary products come with a ‘dream combination’ of comfort and support, making the products not just healthy to use, but also the most comfortable.
  • Eco-friendly: As responsible corporate citizens, Centuary strives hard to maintain its status as the most eco-friendly company in the industry.
  • Service: With 3 huge manufacturing plants centrally located in Hyderabad, and retail outlets located all across the country, Centuary products as well as sales support is available very conveniently.
  • Luxury: The premium range of products from Centuary are the ultimate word in luxury, offering you a range of products worth showing off.
  • Value: The ability to provide all of the above and more, at a reasonable price is what makes Centuary the perfect value-for-money proposition.