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Beddy Nest is the result of extensive work done to create the best mattress for a baby/child. In addition to the advantages that Beddy Products offer, Beddy Nest stands apart for two reasons:

Beddy Nest - By Centuary - Corner View
Beddy Nest - Consruction Image

Natural and Certified Core

The Beddy Nest Core is made from Natural Materials - Natural Latex Foram and Rubbersied Coir. These materials are widely considered to be the best for child and baby mattresses the world over. Moreover Latex Foam and Rubberised Coir used in Beddy mattress are certified by Oeko-Tex to be 100% free of harmful chemicals.

2 Covers - Cotton & Waterproof

In addition to the 100% Cotton Cover, Beddy Nest comes with Beddy Protect - a waterproof, attractive and washable outer zip cover that protects the mattress from all 6 sides.

Zipped Cover