Hotels and Institutions Banner by Centuary

Centuary Fiber Plates manufactures a variety of mattress products for Hotels, Hospitality Industry, Universities, Hospitals, Hostels, Institutions and others.

Apart from having significant market share in the retail market, Centuary is also a leader in supplies to different institutions and projects such as Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts, Hostels, Government Institutions etc.

Hotel Mattress
Spending a night in a hotel can be a rare opportunity to enjoy deep, restful sleep on a high-quality mattress. It can also make you realize how uncomfortable and worn out your own mattress is. Often, we get so used to the way that our mattress feels and the kind of sleep it gives us, that we don’t notice when it’s lost its luster and should be replaced.

Sleeping on a hotel mattress can also make you realize that your current mattress doesn’t have the level of comfort you desire. For example, perhaps you’ve always purchased soft mattresses because you thought that soft was your preferred level of comfort. Sleeping on a hotel mattress that’s a little firmer might open your eyes to new comfort possibilities.

Hostel Mattress
The extra firmness you desire from a mattress now comes with Hostel Mattress. A one-of-its-kind mattress that is both price economic and reliable. A central core comprising of the finest proprietary PU Foam material lends to the durability of this product, while the exquisite tapestry appeals to the aesthetic senses. Being incredibly durable, Hostel Mattress are one product that offers you 2 to 5 Yrs. warranty – so you can enjoy unrivalled COMFORT and quality sleep for a long, long time.