Export Product Range

Additionally the entire range of products manufactured & designed by Centuary is available for exports. Further customization is also possible according to the clients requirements.

Our entire portfolio can be visited on these pages.


Comfort Accessories


Polyurethane foam is a chemically complex polymeric product having a broad range of load-bearing capability and resiliency. It is used as cushioning material for furniture, bedding, carpeting, packaging and automotive applications. It provides unparalleled comfort, ease of use, durability and affordability.

Centuary has two Hennecke foam plants capable of producing the high quality flexible polyurethane foam. Different grades of foam, such as super soft, visco elastic, rebonded, lamination grade, etc., are produced to cater to the mattress plant, as well as other manufacturers and industries.

Centuary, with its experience and expertise is ideally positioned to help you cut production costs and deliver a better product to the customer. We manufacture PU Foam in a wide range of densities for diverse applications, listed below.





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