Centuary Endurance Pro – Pocketed Spring Mattress

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 9,690 26,258 (Inclusive of all taxes)
Endurance Pro Spring Mattress is a revolution in sleep science. Enhanced technology has been deployed in the engineering of this mattress. Every mattress is encased with High-density flexible Foam for better edge support. The uniquely styled Damask fabric not only adds plush but creates an undeniable aura.

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Spring Mattress

Thickness: 6'' & 8″

Warranty: 7 Years

Firmness level:  Extra Firm Firm Soft

Product Features

  • Spring Mattress with active edge support to provide maximum comfort
  • Zero disturbance mattress with no motion transfer in case of partner tossing and turning
  • Damask with designer look exclusive to “Centuary Signature Collection Mattress”
  • Available in Single Double Queen King Size
  • Warranty – 7 Years.

Sizes and Dimensions

Size Type Size(In CMS) Size(In Inches) Weight(In Kgs)
SINGLE 182.9×76.2×15 cm 72x30x6 inch 13.8
SINGLE 182.9×91.5×15 cm 72x36x6 inch 16.6
SINGLE 190.5×76.2×15 cm 75X30x6 inch 14.4
SINGLE 190.5×91.5×15 cm 75X36x6 inch 17.3
SINGLE 198.1×76.2×15 cm 78X30x6 inch 15.0
SINGLE 198.1×91.5×15 cm 78X36x6 inch 18.0
SINGLE 213.4×91.5×15 cm 84X36x6 inch 19.4
SINGLE 182.9×76.2×20 cm 72x30x8 inch 15.0
SINGLE 182.9×91.5×20 cm 72x36x8 inch 18.0
SINGLE 190.5×76.2×20 cm 75X30x8 inch 15.7
SINGLE 190.5×91.5×20 cm 75X36x8 inch 18.8
SINGLE 198.1×76.2×20 cm 78X30x8 inch 16.3
SINGLE 198.1×91.5×20 cm 78X36x8 inch 19.5
SINGLE 213.4×91.5×20 cm 84X36x8 inch 21.1
DOUBLE 182.9×121.9×15 cm 72x48x6 inch 22.1
DOUBLE 190.5×121.9×15 cm 75X48x6 inch 23.1
DOUBLE 198.1×121.9×15 cm 78X48x6 inch 24.0
DOUBLE 182.9×121.9×20 cm 72x48x8 inch 24.1
DOUBLE 190.5×121.9×20 cm 75X48x8 inch 25.1
DOUBLE 198.1×121.9×20 cm 78X48x8 inch 26.1
QUEEN 182.9×152.4×15 cm 72x60x6 inch 27.7
QUEEN 190.5×152.4×15 cm 75X60x6 inch 28.8
QUEEN 198.1×152.4×15 cm 78X60x6 inch 30.0
QUEEN 213.4×152.4×15 cm 84X60x6 inch 32.3
QUEEN 182.9×152.4×20 cm 72x60x8 inch 30.1
QUEEN 190.5×152.4×20 cm 75X60x8 inch 31.3
QUEEN 198.1×152.4×20 cm 78X60x8 inch 32.6
QUEEN 213.4×152.4×20 cm 84X60x8 inch 35.1
KING 182.9×182.9×15 cm 72x72x6 inch 33.2
KING 190.5×182.9×15 cm 75x72x6 inch 34.6
KING 198.1×182.9×15 cm 78x72x6 inch 36.0
KING 213.4×182.9×15 cm 84x72x6 inch 38.8
KING 182.9×182.9×20 cm 72x72x8 inch 36.1
KING 190.5×182.9×20 cm 75x72x8 inch 37.6
KING 198.1×182.9×20 cm 78x72x8 inch 39.1
KING 213.4×182.9×20 cm 84x72x8 inch 42.1

Note: Sometimes a variance in weights of mattresses.

Shipping Information

Centuary Logistic Partner Free delivery and return within India.


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