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Why Beddy

Beddy by Centuary, is Centuary’s brand of mattresses designed especially for babies and children. The brand concentrates on providing optimum support for babies by using only high-quality materials.

With over a decade of experience in supplying Rubberised Coir for the baby industry across Europe, Centuary understands the importace of using high-quality materials to mae a baby mattress. Beddy as a brand.

thus, uses Oeko-Tex certified Rubberised Coir (Certified Free from Harmful Chemicals under product class 1, for babies) as the core of its mattresses.

Beddy is produced at Centuary’s state-of-the-art mattress plant in India, and provides the flexibility to business partner to choose the construction of their mattress. we endeavor to provide the right sleep surface for babies, with various natura resilient and waterproof materials.


High Quality Materials

Beddy uses certified rubberized coir, certified latex foam, and high-density PU foam in all its products. All components used in Beddy have been carefully evaluated before becoming a part of the child’s mattress.


All beddy mattresses can be customized to any size to become a part of your child’s cradle, cot or bed.

Beddy Support

Infants and children need a firm surface to sleep on. At Beddy, all mattresses have been designed to provide your children with optimal support to support their growth and development.

W​aterproof and Hygienic

Waterproof and Hygienic- For children up til 3 years of age, having a waterproof cover is important for hygiene purposes. Beddy Protect and Beddy Shield protect your mattresses from spillage, keeping them hygienic for long.

Own Manufacturing and Experience

Beddy mattresses are manufactured in-house, and the quality is thus monitored very closely. Beddy mattresses are produced at Centuary mattresses- a brand trusted for producing high quality mattress for over 30 years.

Breathable and Durable

All Beddy mattresses are made from breathable materials- that prevents manifestation of pests. Also, Beddy comes with waterproof solutions to ensure enhanced hygiene.

Research on Baby/Child Sleep Industry – Best for The Baby​

Deep International-level research on the child and baby mattress industry has been conducted to construct the ideally suited mattresses for babies and children.