Warranty Policy

Warranty Guidelines:

This section gives the guidelines and terms of enforcement of the warranty policy:

  1. Warranty will be applicable from date of purchase of the mattress.
  2. Warranty is applicable on ‘carry-in’ basis – i.e. the customer must bring the defective mattress to the dealer point, and take new mattress from there.
  3. Sagging means reduction in thickness > 15mm (for mattresses <4″ thick) and > 37mm (for mattresses >4″ thick).
  4. Size variation means variance in length or width of the mattress by more than +12mm or -6mm from the stated size.
  5. The method for checking the size of the mattress is given in Annexure 1.
  6. Pro-rata warranty is applicable, i.e. 100% value of the mattress (purchase price) is awarded to the consumer in case of warranty claim within 1 year of purchase. Subsequently, pro-rate calculation is used as per sample calculation below:

Ex. Mattress purchase price is Rs.20,000/-

Warranty 5 years
Customer used 2 years
Balance warranty period 3 years
Calculation Rs. 20,000/- x 3 years = 12,000/-
5 years


Warranty will not be applicable in following cases:

  1. Invoice and warranty card are not available.
  2. The mattress is out of warranty period.
  3. Bending/folding/cutting/mishandling of the mattress by consumer.
  4. Mattress is placed on soft or uneven surface, or a bed/cot of the wrong size.
  5. Seepage of water or any other liquid onto the mattress.
  6. Placing any heavy or unusual object on the mattress.
  7. Infestation by insects or rodents.
  8. Exposure to heat or fire/smoke.
  9. Soiling or wear and tear of the outer cover/fabric during usage.
  10. Customer is unwilling to allow on-site inspection of mattress by company sales representative.

The manufacturers decision will be final and binding on any claim relating to warranty.





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