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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Centuary Mattresses are Warrantied against any Manufacturing Defect for a period varying from 1 to 10 Years depends on the collection variant from the date of purchase.

Warranty Guidelines:

This section gives the guidelines and terms of enforcement of the warranty policy:
  1. Warranty will be applicable from date of purchase of the mattress.
  2. Warranty is applicable on ‘carry-in’ basis – i.e. the customer must bring the defective mattress to the dealer point, and take new mattress from there.
  3. Warranty does not cover depression of less than 1.5″ in the 5″ thick mattress and depression of less than 1″ in the 4″ & less thick mattress. if one of your pair mattresses has sagged, then only the sagged mattress will be replaced.
  4. Size variation means variance in length or width of the mattress by more than +12mm or -6mm from the stated size.
  5. Process and timeline: Centuary Mattresses may adopt the process, and deliver the repaired mattress, or a replacement thereof, within the timelines. required for the said process. The mattress will be moved to the factory or premises for carrying out repairs or reconstruction.
  6. Centuary Mattresses will not provide a replacement mattress during the process/time of repairs or reconstruction.
  7. Centuary Mattresses shall not be liable for any direct indirect, or consequential damages, losses, or costs arising out of injury or damage resulting from the use of the mattress for any purpose, under any theory of liability. In any case, the liability of Centuary
  8. Mattresses shall be limited to the cost of the mattress. Centuary Mattresses disclaims all implied warranties concerning the fitness, merchantability and functionality for a particular purpose, or otherwise.
  9. The method for checking the size of the mattress is given in Annexure 1.
  10. Customers can avail service your doorstep where the company arranges for inspection of the mattress others a your home at an additional cost of Rs. 300/- per visit within city limits) and Rs. 600 (outside city claims).
  11. The transportation cost and handling charges towards replacement have to be borne by the customer. k) Pro-rata warranty is applicable to the customer is given 100% value of the mattress (purchase price in case of a warranty claim within 1 year of the purchase. Subsequently, pro rata calculation is used as per the sample calculation below.
Ex. Mattress purchase price is Rs.20,000/-
Warranty 5 years
Customer used 2 years
Balance warranty period 3 years
Calculation (Rs. 20,000/- x 3 years)/5years = 12,000/-

Warranty will not be applicable in following cases:

  1. Invoice and warranty card are not available.
  2. The mattress is out of warranty period.
  3. Opening of stitches (both quilt and tape edge) are reported after 15 days of the purchase date will not be covered under warranty.
  4. Stains occurring on the mattress tapestry after unpacking or removing the packing/polybag and subsequent use at customers end will not be covered under warranty.
  5. Warranty is limited to sagging of the mattress and does not include fabric damages such as tears, stains, colour fading, bleeding, and soils iron marks (Burns).
  6. Bending/folding/cutting/mishandling of the mattress by consumer.
  7. Mattress is placed on soft or uneven surface, or a bed/cot of the wrong size.
  8. Seepage of water or any other liquid onto the mattress.
  9. Placing any heavy or unusual object on the mattress.
  10. Infestation by insects or rodents.
  11. Exposure to heat or fire/smoke.
  12. Customer is unwilling to allow on-site inspection of mattress by company sales representative.


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