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About us

India’s sleep specialists for over 30 years

Centuary Mattresses (formerly known as Centuary Fibre Plates) was founded in 1988 as a manufacturer of rubberized coir, now widely known in Indian households when it comes to mattresses and sleep solutions. We combine world-class infrastructure, certified procedures, and patented technology to provide high-quality, comfortable, and long-lasting goods.

We are the first Indian mattress manufacturer to have its quality management system ISO 9001-2015 certified and the first firm in India to develop revolutionary products such as Ortho foam and green gel technology. Currently the second-largest coir manufacturer in India and among the top three Indian mattress brands.

Centuary Mattress has been distributing and exporting high-quality natural and eco-friendly rubberized coirs essential in bedding, furniture, and seating industries. With over 1200 employees, we aim to cater to every individual’s sleeping problems and create innovative solutions. Our journey to providing the best sleep isn’t a dream but a reality.


Our milestones

Customers Trust

Trusted By 1 Cr+ Customers

Delivering quality for 35+ years

Available in 5000+ stores

Certified by NHA & CertipurUS

Sleep Affects Your Lifespan

Our values

Comfort is a necessity we all want, but we take it to the next level to ensure that our mattresses keep up with your lifestyle, sleep style, body, and aspirations.
Technology is our open secret; we utilize it to create world-class mattresses in terms of design, shape, structure, and building. We arrive at true innovation when we blend comfort, technology, and elegance with understanding.
With continuous research and understanding of our customers and products, we wish to be the sleep specialists of the future when it comes to innovation and development.
Everyone deserves a good night’s rest to face the hardships of the next day. We strive to ensure our mattresses are easily accessible to our customers in every manner- price, diversity of products, product lines, accessories, and delivery channels.

Our management

Our commitment to quality sleep

To maintain the highest quality and consistency in all of our products, we manufacture all our mattresses and essential components in-house. We operate per the ISO 9001:2015 guidelines and have ISI certifications for all our products.

After numerous trials and errors, understanding the science of sleep, and going back to the drawing board, we created the perfect solution– Centuary’s Ulti-Matt technology. The technology that provides the perfect sleep for every person. Bringing together the holy trinity of high-quality materials, intelligent constructions, precision machines, and processors.

Mattress Manufacturing

The end result?

A groundbreaking range of sleep solutions that combine ideal materials and multi-layered structures that adapt to each individual’s demands by offering optimal spine/back support and the perfect sleeping experience.

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