On this World Sleep Day, on the 18th of March, Centuary Mattresses is joining hands with Sports person and Sleep Ambassador Sania Mirza to launch the Sleep rejuvenation program – Sleep It Off. Centuary’s Sleep It Off is a series of fun, candid “Sleep Getaways” that help people “Sleepjuvenate” and get back to life – fully recharged!

This series intends to highlight the power of better sleep, and better sleeping habits with Centuary’s range of products. The series is set up and preambled by Tennis sensation and World Champion SANIA MIRZA. She has been a self proclaimed sleep ambassador and believes that we seldom prioritize sleep which results in possible burn out..

It is important to sleep enough to stay healthy. Sleep allows our bodies to repair and rebuild. Our bodies need sleep as much as we need food, water, and oxygen, and it plays a vital role in mental and physical health. Sleep allows us to recover from physical and mental exertion.

Sleep enhances presence of mind, problem-solving abilities and memory. Getting at least seven hours of sleep a day is key to a strengthened immune system. Continuous lack of sleep other may results in lack of energy, tiredness and may lead to stress related diseases.

Sleep It Off encourages everyone to take some time off and “sleep-juvenate.”

Follow The Sleep It Off Series With Us

Sania kick starts the SLEEP IT OFF series by nominating friends who are busy with hectic lifestyles due to which where sleep takes a backseat. Her first nominee is her friend, and Yoga Queen, Anshuka Parwani on behalf of Centuary Mattresses – India Ka Sleep Specialist.

Ali Reza was nominated by Friend and Celebrity Yoga trainer AnshukaYoga. Watch him #SleepItOff and discover the power of wholistic sleep rejuvenation.

Nandini Rai is now a believer of the power of better sleep. Watch her get counselled by the Centuary’s Sleep Specialist which helped her #SleepItOff much better.

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