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Getting comfortable at night is not an easy task. But it turns into mission impossible when you are pregnant. Your stomach gets bigger, your back gets tired at the end of the day and hurts, you feel short of breath and heartburn sometimes. So instead of getting the much needed sleep you keep rocking and rolling in your bed to find the best position for you and your baby. Of course, sleeping positions are individual, but there are several tips that pregnant women should remember to feel more comfortable at night.

That’s the saving position for most pregnant women. The so called SOS actually means sleep on side. It is more recommended to sleep on left side. This position enables the flow of blood and nutrients to your abdomen. Your kidneys also work better when you lay on your left side, and you get rid of extra liquid in your body, so your feet and hands will not swallow next morning. Sleeping on your right side is also good, but in this position your liver gets more pressure, so left is still the most optimal.

Do’s And Don’ts:


Use Pillow

Get a firm pillow to raise your head a bit. That will reduce pressure on your diaphragm and will help you breathe better at night. You can also place a pillow under your belly or between legs to support your stomach. You can either use classic pillows or special full body pillows for this purpose. The point is to support your muscles and keep you from rolling back and forth.

Bend your knees

When you get on your side, bend your legs in the knees a bit. That will give additional support to muscles around your hips. This position will also help you get your spine rested and prevent back pain.

Half Sitting

If you can’t sleep in your bed – it’s ok. You can try to sleep in half sitting position if you have a comfortable armchair or sofa. Doctors say, there is no harm in such position, though not everyone can fall asleep when sitting. You can use pillows to make yourself more comfortable. Anyway, armchair sleep is better than no sleep at all, so it’s definitely worth trying. What’s more, half sitting position will help you reduce heartburn.

Avoid sleeping on your back

When you are in your second trimester it is not recommended to sleep on your back. First of all, it will not let your spine rest properly. Second, it will hinder blood flow to your placenta. And the position increases the risk of having nausea. However in your sleep you can’t avoid changing positions because you don’t control your body. So if you happen to wake up at night laying on your back – don’t worry. Just slowly roll to your left side and fall asleep again. You can also put a pillow at your back to keep you on the side.

Do not sleep on your belly

During the late stages of your pregnancy it will get almost impossible to lay on your tummy – your stomach is too big and your breasts probably hurt. Sleeping on your stomach will make your breathing harder and will increase pressure on your uterus. That’s why you and your baby will not feel comfortable in this position. Just leave it for the post-pregnancy period.

As you can see the choice of sleeping positions during pregnancy is not very wide. However, you should not give up. Try to find your best position and arrange your bed to feel comfortable. Remember, that it’s crucial for you and your baby to have enough rest at this period of your life. Plus, when baby appears you will miss those precious hours of good sleep during the night, so you’d better enjoy it now, while you can.