A lot has changed for new parents in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Coming home from the hospital after having a baby can feel overwhelming and scary, especially during these extraordinary  and uncertain times. Feeling nervous about bringing your little one home completely natural given what is happening in the world. But here are a few tips to ensure that you and your baby enjoy this time together as best you can.

  • Subscribe to a grocery delivery service – everything including essentials for your baby, so you don’t stress about having to step out for anything once the little one is home.
  • Typically bringing home your new baby would be followed with a flood of visitors and gatherings, but now is not the time to show off your little bundle of joy. Use this time to bond with your little one instead – count their fingers and toes, cuddle together and catch their first smiles and giggles! You won’t regret it.
  • Stay connected with friends and family virtually – now you can FaceTime, zoom, Skype – you name it! You can share photos and videos with just a flick of the finger!
  • Limit any in-house visits only to those you trust – to have been careful, and have been maintaining social distance, wearing masks and are ideally already vaccinated.
  • Do NOT miss any of your post-delivery appointments with the doctor
  • If your situation permits it, go outdoors in nature for a walk, either alone or with the baby – but only if it’s safe.

While, it is important to keep your baby safe it is also important for a new mommy to take time to look after herself. Try to:

  • eat well
  • rest as much as you can
  • spend at least half hour a day doing something for yourself – have a bath, read a magazine or just put your feet up and watch something
  • Video call a friend.

We know this time is tough, and bringing home a new baby is a huge life change, and you still will need help from family and friends in the early stages of motherhood. Motherhood isn’t something that you can do in isolation.  So even if you’re taking every necessary precaution, you can still seek support from your family and friends. And your family and friends can provide the support you need while still protecting you and your family from infection. So don’t think that you have to go through this alone.