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In troubled times we rely on it. In times of comfort, its always there for us. To make us feel better every morning. Such a companion must be chosen wisely. Your mattress makes a difference in your life. Day and night I might add. How would you know your choosing the right one for yourself?

A lot of thought goes into such daily comforts of life. Don’t take it lightly- its made in various shapes and sizes to fit ones comfort needs.

Getting a good night’s rest is essential for short and long-term health, so it’s important to choose a mattress that complements your body’s physical needs and sleeping patterns. Other considerations, such as your partner’s preferences and your budget, may also factor in to your decision-making process when you’re mattress shopping. We provide information on different types of mattresses available, how to choose and buy a mattress from the mattress store, and how to make sure the mattress you buy is right for you before making it a permanent fixture of your bedroom.

Know the different mattress options. Mattresses range from classic firm or plush options to higher-tech mechanically-operated beds with remote controls.

Basic firm or plush mattresses – Basic mattresses are made from a variety of materials and are sold at every price range. Mattresses made with organic or natural fibers tend to be more expensive. You’ll be able to choose from extra firm, firm, plush, and extra plush mattresses, depending on how soft or hard you like your bed to be.

 Memory foam mattresses –  These mattresses are made from a material that molds to the shape of your body when you lie down, and holds that shape while you are sleeping. These are a good option for people who don’t tend to move around a lot during the night. They retain body heat, so you may not want to go with memory foam if you tend to get hot while you sleep.

Sleep number mattresses – These mattresses can be made harder or softer with the touch of a button. They are usually divided into different zones, so that your partner’s side can have a different level of firmness than yours.

Look into brand names, but don’t be too biased. Sometimes brand names are better, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook cheaper non-brand makes. A well-known name does not imply quality, though often times there is good reason for such a reputation. The important thing is to test mattresses in person and figure out what feels best for your own body. Understand that a high coil count doesn’t necessarily translate into a higher-quality mattress. Mattresses with interlocking coils have coils that lock together. Mattresses with independent coils have a larger number of coils and are better for light sleepers, because they won’t fluctuate as much with movement–especially when your partner shifts or gets out of bed. Have an understanding of your physical needs. Take the following elements into consideration:
  • Are you a side, back, or stomach sleeper? Some mattresses are designed to accommodate specific sleeping positions.
  • Do you have mobility issues? Some mattresses are designed to make getting in and out of bed easier.
  • Measure yourself and your sleeping partner. For most couples, a queen size bed will be large enough. If you are more than six feet tall, a king-size mattress may be a better choice.

We scale our decisions and the effect it has on our life based on various factors. However, the intent behind every decision is to make our lives better. None of us would want to put much thought into buying the right mattress. We are not aware unless we are made aware. So, the next time you go mattress shopping, give it a little more thought- Its making you life better in more ways than you can think of. A good nights rest and you have yourself a happy morning everyday!