Everything You Need to Know About Spring Mattress

Sleep, as they say, is the key to a happy life. If you wish to improve the quality of your sleep, you must have the right mattress. Numerous factors determine what type of mattress will suit your needs, ranging from the materials used to the mattress size. However, before making a purchase, one must be fully informed about it.

In this blog, we will discuss the traditional ‘spring mattress’, one of the first mattresses invented – its origin, benefits, and how to choose the best spring mattress in India from the best spring mattress brand. 

Spring mattresses, commonly regarded as the most popular and traditional type of mattress, are constructed with several metal coils. These coils are suspended throughout the mattress and provide support by pushing back with the same intensity or pressure against your body. But how old are these mattresses, and when did they exist? In 1957, the first steel coil was invented to make car seats. On the other hand, inner-spring coils were patented in 1865, and the first set of early spring mattresses appeared a few years later.

In terms of sales, the spring variant accounts for the majority of innerspring mattresses sold today.

Determining the quality of a spring mattress:

While it is essential to invest in the best spring mattress in India from the best spring mattress brand, several factors contribute to the overall quality of your mattress. 

When you try out a new mattress, it may have a luxurious cover and the most up-to-date and colourful materials. But how do you know what will happen to it after a few years? Even if a mattress appears to be good at first glance, it could be a marketing ploy. Fortunately, you can evaluate a mattress’s quality based on parameters such as density and firmness, the manufacturer, certifications, warranty, and price.

Types of Spring Mattress:

Spring mattresses are widely distinguished — based on the variety of coils used inside them. Mattress manufacturers can construct a spring mattress using one of four steel coil variants.

1) Pocket Spring Mattress:

Popular as pocket springs, Pocket Springs are barrel-shaped and have a thin indicator. These pockets are individual, and the loops in the mattress are not connected. It is this structure that allows these coils to work independently. This unique structure of Marshall coils reduces the impact of weight on the mattress. Ideal for stomach sleepers. 

2) Bonnell Spring Mattress:

Bonnell springs are helical in shape, thinner in the middle and thicker towards the end. They are typically less expensive and have a shorter lifespan than other types of mattresses in the market. Because their centres are lighter, they respond to soft pressure, and the thick end provides consistent support throughout the mattress. It also helps to maintain body temperature stability and slowly transfer heat, making you feel cooler and cozier. 

How long will a spring mattress last?

Mattresses typically last between 5 and 10 years. However, this is influenced by the overall fabrication of your mattress and how you care for it. Spring mattresses with thicker coils tend to last longer. 

Benefits of spring mattresses:

A spring mattress, the oldest type of mattress, undoubtedly has numerous advantages. Isn’t that why they’ve been around for so long? And today, one can buy spring mattresses online in India. 

So, here are the main benefits of spring mattresses:

  1. Affordable – If you’re on a tight budget, nothing beats a spring mattress. They are reasonably priced, easily accessible, and provide a good product at standard prices.
  2. Peaceful sleep – Because the coils provide more airflow, spring mattresses provide better sleep than most foam mattresses.
  3. Edge support – Most mattresses lack edge support, which spring mattresses do. As a result, even if you sleep in the corner of the bed, you will not roll and fall, allowing you to sleep comfortably. 
  4. Circulation – These mattresses have spaces between the coil pockets. They also have a bouncy and responsive feel to them. This aids in ventilation and prevents the accumulation of body heat.  

What is the price to buy a spring mattress online in India?

Spring mattresses are frequently thought to be the most affordable. A high-quality spring mattress price in India ranges from ₹9,000 to ₹12,000. If a luxury option is what you are looking for, then the spring mattress price in India, at a higher price point, will cost up to ₹1,20,000. The prices for the king- and queen-size mattresses for single and double beds vary depending on the quality and the brand. 

Now that you’ve read everything about spring mattresses, you should be able to decide what your priorities are when choosing a mattress that’s best for your sleep. You can browse our selection of spring mattresses here. Spring mattresses are available in king and queen sizes for single and double beds.