best mattress for sleeping

While the fear of loss of control and uncertainty is understandable during the COVID-19 pandemic, excessive worry and can cause anxiety and other problems. Why not shift all the energy we spend worrying, in to something we control: self-care And focussing on sleep is of course a key to genuine self-care, because we know the benefits of good sleep for our immune system.

Better sleep supports our immune system, reduces the risk of infection, and improves the body’s control and responses to the virus. On the other hand, lack of sleep, can weaken our body’s immune system, making us even more susceptible to the virus.

A study conducted recently shows that for every additional hour of sleep at night, the risk of COVID-19 was reduced by 12% in a study of over 2500 frontline healthcare workers. The same study also reported that people experiencing work-related burnout every day were more likely to report having COVID-19, for a longer and to experience the virus with more severity.

As India’s Sleep Specialist, here are a few healthy sleep tips that we feel might help you get through these tough times by getting the necessary strength your body needs from the power of better sleep.

  1. Set a fixed bedtime routine
  2. Also set a fixed hour for waking up
  3. Give yourself 30 minutes to unwind before you go to bed
  4. Ensure your sleeping space is dark and devoid of any electronics and other disturbances
  5. Stay far away from alcohol and smoking
  6. Avoid coffee (caffeine in any form) before bedtime
  7. Practice a little relaxation such as a sleeptime story, music, yoga and breathing exercises before bedtime

This may also be a good time to review your bedding and bedding accessories if they could be causing you to not sleep comfortably. You can now shop for a brand new mattress online and find yourself the best mattress for sleeping and also the best sleep accessories on our website Every Centuary mattress comes with Centuary Protect – an antimicrobial shield that will keep harmful bacterial, microbes and viruses away from your bed.