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Whether you’re having your first baby or your second, every expecting mother needs to be armed  with pregnancy essentials. From the right pregnancy literature to skincare to comfortable clothing, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of pregnancy essentials for every mommy-to-be!

Here are a list of the main things you’ll need, and what’s more, we’ve segregated this by trimester, so every pregnant woman can prepare properly for the different stages of pregnancy.

1st Trimester Essentials:


Here are the main pregnancy essentials for the first trimester of pregnancy:

Pregnancy Books – reading books on pregnancy can help you understand what’s happening with your body, the craving, and also guide you in terms of what you should expect over the next few months.

Prenatal Vitamins – these multi-vitamins contain all the minerals and vitamins that your body will need to help grow the baby. Your OB/GYM will recommend the prenatal vitamins that are best for you

Water – drinking water is especially important for pregnant women. Make sure you’re carrying a bottle of water wherever you go

Pregnancy Skincare – switch up your routine and products to be safer, and less toxic for both you and your baby. Get a list from your doctor for what ingredients to look out for, and what to avoid when purchasing skincare during pregnancy

Stretch Mark Prevention – You will notice stretch marks as your stomach and chest start growing. It’s best to start using an anti-stretch mark cream/lotion/coconut oil in the early stages of pregnancy.

2nd Trimester Essentials:


You will have an increased need for comfort as the baby becomes bigger. Here are pregnancy essentials for the second trimester of pregnancy:

Pregnancy Pillow/ Body Pillow – as your stomach grown, you’ll need more frequent breaks and naps, and this is where a body pillows comes in – it is a long, thin and flexible pillow for pregnant women to use in order to sleep more comfortably. It also helps relieve pain in the back, neck and legs. You can order the Body Pillow from Sleepables by Centuary.

Maternity Clothes – In the 2nd trimester, you’ll notice that your clothes now fit you more snug than they used to. With so many brands now offering super comfortable and stylish clothes for pregnant women, there’s no reason why expectant mommies can’t look their best!

A Belly Support Band – these help alleviate neck strain, lower abdomen pain and back aches by supporting the belly as it grows bigger.

Compression Socks – these are designed especially to apply pressure to the lower legs and feet. They help improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation in the feet and ankles.

3rd Trimester Essentials:


This is the final stretch – it’s equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking as you prepare for the new addition to your family. Here are some important pregnancy essentials for the third and final trimester:

Comfortable Footwear – you’re most likely to experience some swelling at this stage of your pregnancy, so along with the compression socks, definitely invest in a pair of comfy shoes.

Exercise/Birthing Ball – this helps prepare your body for birth. It will strengthen your lower back, increase blood flow in your body and helps get your baby in the right position on your pelvis, which may help you experience less pain while you’re in labor.

Epsom salts/Bath Salts – Taking hot baths with salts helps relieve aches and sore muscles from carrying a nearly full-term baby in your body! This is also a great way to pamper yourself and unwind during the day.

Essential in all trimesters – a pregnant woman’s diet!


The most important thing remains your health, and your diet. Ensure that you include proteins (in the forms of dairy, eggs or legumes), beta carotene (sweet potatoes), Omega-3 Fatty Acids (Salmon), foods that are a rich source of fibre, Vit C, Vit K, Vit A, Calcium, Iron, Folate and Potassium (Broccoli, and any dark green leafy veggies) – also ensure you eat Berries, Whole grains, and Dry Fruit in plenty.