We constantly hear about the need for a good night’s sleep but is it the only thing which plays a significant role in physical & mental development? Not exactly!

Sleep posture and position have always been a subject of concern. As your baby spends most of their time napping, it’s important to follow some safe sleep rules while putting them to sleep.Why Your Baby’s Posture Matters

Unless you’ve done your research, you might wonder about a baby’s sleep needs and norms to ensure the safety of your little one. We understand your concerns and have outlined safe infant position and posture techniques to examine & implement on a day-to-day basis.Here are a few simple rules you must keep an eye on-

  • The safest position for your baby to sleep in is on the back
  • Sleeping on the side can be pretty unstable and can increase their chances of rolling onto their stomach.
  • Make sure your baby sleeps with their neck aligned uncomfortably
  • You must use a mattress which helps your baby align & maintain a straight neck and spine.
  • Don’t encourage your little one to swing their head frequently.
  • No loose bedding like pillows, quilts, soft toys should be kept in your baby’s bed area, as this increases the chances of suffocation.

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