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Did you sleep well yesterday night? What did you dream about – Running in the wild or dreamt about your favourite superstar, if only you remember it closely!

Like you, we’re too obsessed about decoding dreams as this question keeps twirling in our mind incessantly, “Do dreams mean something? Do they reveal our deep, hidden desires or unveil imminent, looming future?”

Of course, we all have our explanations & interpretations which seem logical sometimes, and sometimes, it’s just a vivid imagination that we seek to correlate with instances. But a thing for sure, we all dream; which could be scatty & far-fetched, and at other times, could be disquieted or disturbing.

So, what’s the weirdest dream you’ve seen until the moment? And what does it mean, according to you?

To understand the basics, we need to acknowledge the psychology behind the same. The dreams spring from the subconscious mind and are a persona of things we try to neglect in our common moments. Even Sigmund Freud & Carl Jung, the two well-known names in psychoanalysis believed that dreams can reveal a person’s deepest unconscious wishes & desires.

Well, we surfed the internet to find what people do relate their dreams with and found these interesting interpretations.

Here are some common dreams & their explanations, we discovered

Falling in a dream symbolizes facing major problems or insecurity issues at work, in relationships, or somewhere else.

Sleep & Dreams – Decoding Dreams - falling


If it’s about seeing yourself flying, it could mean two different things. A few relate the dream with feelings of freedom & independence and others relate it with a desire to escape from reality.

Sleep & Dreams – Decoding Dreams - flying


Nakedness in a dream is a reflection of insecurity, humiliation, shame or feelings of vulnerability, while some psychiatrists link this with liberation, & freedom.

Sleep & Dreams – Decoding Dreams - Nudity


Water is a representation of emotions – drowning, floating or could be anything. So, dreaming about water could imply deep emotional attachments & reactions to something happening in your life at the moment.

Sleep & Dreams – Decoding Dreams - water

A Snake  

If you see a snake or being bitten by a snake in your dream, it could imply hidden fears & worries threatening your present moments – the ones you’ve been neglecting for a very long time.

Sleep & Dreams – Decoding Dreams - snake


Any dreams about Infidelity or cheating indicates issues related to lack of trust, fear of losing a relationship, or insecurity.

Sleep & Dreams – Decoding Dreams - Cheating


The dreams about dying, on the other hand, symbolizes an end to something, like an end to a phase or relationship etc and the beginning of another chapter in life.

Sleep & Dreams – Decoding Dreams - dying

We dream every night about different things. So, whether it’s about assessing previous life anecdotes or about exploring new realms with masked meanings, we need a  magically swift & restful sleep, filled with warmth, peace & comfort.

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