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What's the state of your mattress these days?

Perhaps it’s too bouncy, soft, or hard, and it’s keeping you awake. It might even slump when you go into bed, which is a solid indicator your mattress is due for replacement

Your sleep will suffer if you do not have a quality mattress. It’s usually time for a new mattress if you’re experiencing any of the above. Even yet, the thought of mattress hunting may be stressful enough to make you put off your quest.

Yes, you’ll need to devote some time to weighing various considerations, but our approach can help you streamline the process. Continue reading for more information on what to look for when purchasing a new mattress.

Are you ready to go shopping for the best mattress for you?

Perhaps you already have a few mattress characteristics in mind. Don’t rush out to your local store or begin looking for a mattress online just yet. Consider a few additional personal characteristics to begin your search.

Take a mattress quiz:

Ask the below questions, and read our recommendations to arrive at the best mattress for you:

  • What would you prefer soft mattress or a mattress with a firmer feel?
  • What is your preferred sleeping position?
  • What is your weight ?
  • Do you feel weary and stiff in the morning?
  • Do you have back, neck, and joint discomfort, or irritability exhaustion, and other sleep-related symptoms?
  • What mattress size do you require?
  • How much are you willing to spend on your new mattress?

1) What is your preferred sleeping position? and What level of firmness do you prefer?

Preferred sleeping positions | Centuary Mattress | Pillows

Your favourite sleeping position can and should influence your mattress selection. Sleeping on a mattress that does not provide adequate support for your preferred posture might cause pain and disrupt your sleep.

Soft Mattress:

Soft mattresses are recommended for those who sleep on their sides Because sleeping on your side puts pressure on your shoulders and hips, you’ll want to find a softer mattress that will cushion your body and reduce pressure in these areas. Many side sleepers find that memory foam or pillow-top mattresses provide the perfect combination of comfort and support.

Firm Mattress:

If sleeping on a mattress that does not provide adequate support for your preferred posture might cause pain and disrupt your sleep. A firmer mattress or a hybrid mattress with springs and foam may help those who sleep on their backs, sleep better. Firm mattresses are unlikely to give adequate support to keep your spine upright while you sleep if you sleep predominantly on your back.

A Medium-Firm Mattress:

Combination sleepers, that change positions throughout the night, will want to make sure you can get comfortable on your mattress in any position if you flip over regularly. A medium-firm mattress might be the ideal combination of comfort and support.

Soft mattress | Firm mattress | Medium mattress

2) How much do you weigh?

The degree of support you require from your mattress is also influenced by your body type. Everybody’s physiology is different, which might increase the strain on your spine while you try to sleep.

Sleepers who weigh less than 130 pounds will generally find a medium-firm mattress to be firmer than those who weigh more.

To get proper support, individuals who weigh more than 230 pounds or so will need a firmer bed. Hybrid mattresses, which blend the support of innerspring with the softness of foam, can last for years.

3) Do you wake up with back or neck pains?

If you wake up with lower back or neck pain on a daily basis, your mattress may very well have lost its ability to support your body and keep your spine. Continuing to sleep on a mattress that does not provide adequate support will almost always exacerbate your suffering.

People with chronic back pain have historically been advised to sleep on very firm mattresses, however newer research suggests that medium-firm mattresses may be the most effective at lowering pain and increasing overall quality of sleep.

Choose the best mattress for back pain | Orthopedic mattress | Centuary Mattress

4) What mattress size do you require?

If you are thinking about buying a new mattress, it may be a good idea to give your room a makeover at the same time! Maybe you have recently moved into a larger house and have a room that can accommodate more than the old queen-sized bed you’ve had for a decade now. It might be that you have moved to a new city for a new job, and your apartment is now smaller than before, and it would make more sense to downsize your bed. If you are seeking a mattress, then the size of the mattress is an essential factor to take into consideration for whatever reason you may have.

Take measurements of your room, decide whether you want to keep your bed where it is or move it somewhere else, and decide what size bed and mattress the space can accommodate.

Don’t worry though, at Centuary we offer a Single , Double. Queen, King even Custom size mattress.

5) What type of mattress do you have in mind?

Various types of mattresses are available at various price points in the mattress market. As with any large purchase, it’s wise to do some research and weigh the pros and cons of each mattress type before making a decision. You may be familiar with three types of mattresses: memory foam, spring, and coir. Here are the types of mattresses that are most commonly sold online today.

Spring Mattress:

The most common and most traditional of all mattresses, it’s available at various price points, including very affordable ones. In general, spring mattresses tend to be more firm than plush mattresses, so if you’re looking for something softer, this may not be the mattress for you. If you are however looking for the perfect spring mattress, do check out our range of Spring mattresses

Memory Foam Mattress:

Mattresses of this type are softer and conform to the shape of your body, giving you extra support and pressure relief. You may prefer it if you don’t like extreme firmness and have a hard time staying warm at night. Centuary mattresses offer a Copper Gel memory foam option which helps in regulating the temperature by head dissipation. If your budget is an issue, you should keep that in mind when looking at memory foam mattresses. Check out Centuary’s Memory Foam mattress


These mattresses are becoming increasingly popular because of their convenience, affordability, and quality. Simply put, it is a mattress that has been compressed into a box. Online ordering is the most convenient option. This is because it will be delivered directly to your door. So you won’t have to worry about hauling a cumbersome flat mattress up the stairs and around tight corners. Just bring the box into your bedroom, unpack the mattress, and let it sit until it fully forms. Centuary’s Sleepables range of roll-packed mattresses are suitable if you’re looking at buying a mattress-in-a-box.

Hybrid Mattress:

Hybrid mattresses combine innersprings and memory foam, so you get the comfort of both worlds. Hybrid mattresses are suitable for many different body types and sleepers. Because it’s more supportive than a traditional foam mattress, it’s also more durable. Check out Centuary’s Hybrid Collection .

Coir Mattress:

When you are looking for a mattress that is both supportive and firm, as well as completely natural and unlikely to accumulate allergens, this is an excellent option. Due to the increased airflow in Coir mattresses, you won’t feel hot at night. Browse our selection of Coir Mattress.

6) How much are you willing to spend on your new mattress?

When it comes to buying a mattress, determining how much you’re willing to spend is key. Mattresses can cost anywhere from Rs. 5K for a budget-friendly mattress to upwards of 50K for top-of-the-line ones. You should consider the style, quality, and where you’re shopping for the product before making a purchase. Make a list of your priorities and non-negotiables for the mattress, research, and shop around for the right mattress online within your budget.

Buy mattress online from Centuary:

Centuary Mattress offers high-quality mattresses (and even custom size) that are conveniently delivered to your doorstep, and buying a mattress online has never been easier. You don’t have to spend time looking at countless mattresses in a physical store, and shopping online can also be less expensive. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about transporting the mattress.

Consider all your options, but don’t delay too long. It has never been more important to invest in the power of better sleep.