Putting your child to sleep when it’s cold isn’t always easy. Because with a drop in temperature comes a need to re-evaluate your child’s sleep environment. Having a bedtime routine for your baby is something you should stick to in order to get them to sleep soundly; however, when the weather gets colder, should your baby’s bedtime routine change?

If you’re wondering how to make your child sleep instantly and soundly in winter, here are a few tips for the best winter baby sleep routine:

1) Skip Your Baby’s Bath:

While typically, a is baby bath great way to put your baby to sleep is because it relaxes them. However, when the weather gets colder, it could prevent your child from being able to sleep. That’s why your child’s sleep routine during the cold weather months should preferably not include taking a bath. However, if you find that your child’s sleep is suffering as a result, there are a few tips you should consider before giving your child a bath during winter:

  • Consider a sponge bath for babies.
  • Moisturise your baby well after a bath.
  • Make sure they wear warm Pyjamas.
  • Dry their hair well.

2) A Baby Massage:

Massaging your baby is a great sleep routine and it has many benefits. It allows your child to relax and releases any tension in their bodies, and it also creates a great bonding experience for both you and the child. This could be a great way for your baby to start identifying bedtime.

3) Dress Your Baby Right:

In the winter, the easiest approach to keep your babies warm while sleeping is to dress them in layers that are simple to put on and remove. We recommend dressing your little one in a few thin layers of warm clothes rather than in heavy or woollen clothing that can be easily removed during diaper changes. As a general guideline, clothing your kid in one layer more than you do.

4) Swaddle:

If it’s cold, dressing your babies in onesies may not be enough to keep them warm. What might work better is wrapping them in a thick swaddling blanket.

5) Keep the Breeze Away From Your Baby:

Place your baby’s crib or bassinet several feet away from air vents, windows, fans and outside walls. Also, close any windows and doors to prevent cold air from entering the room.

6) Set the Room Temperature Right:

To make sure your baby neither feels too hot nor too cold, keep the room at a comfortable temperature of between 21 to 23 degree Celsius. Basically, the room temperature should feel cozy to a lightly clothed adult.

7) Use a Firm Mattress:

To keep your baby’s crib warm from underside, use a firm Baby Mattress like Beddy Nest or Beddy Blossom covered with a well-fitting waterproof mattress protector sheet. Mattresses made of too soft material not only put your little one at the risk of a smothering hazard but also increase his chances of getting sick due to the cold air entered into the mattress. So it’s better to avoid them.

8) Preheat the Crib Before Putting Your Baby Down:

Preheating the crib can create a warm and cozy sleeping space for your child. Just place a hot water bottle or heating pad over the crib sheet at least 30 minutes before you put your little one to sleep in the crib. But more importantly, remove it before laying your baby down to avoid any overheating or burns.

9) Cover Your Baby’s Head, Hands and Feet:

A soft baby cap and lightweight mittens are a must to provide your little one an extra layer of warmth in the cold winter months. Furthermore, you can keep their feet nice and warm using a pair of socks.