Tips for making your toddler's bedroom sleep-friendly

If you are a parent, you will be aware of bedtime routines for kids. You might have ticked all the boxes, your little one is also waiting to fall asleep, but what about the bedroom – is it cosy and inviting enough?

Are you looking for some inspiration for kids’ bedroom design ideas?

For a start, check out these simple tips for making your toddler’s bedroom sleep-friendly

Lighting: While the natural sunlight during the daytime makes the bedroom cheerful and bright, but at nighttime, it should be subdued to enable a calm, soothing environment. The simplest solution is to go for a dim overhead light, complemented by ample blinds and curtains.

Acoustics: Sound sleep requires a sound-free environment. The easiest way is to insulate the toddler’s bedroom walls to minimise the sounds from outside. Using heavy curtains can also block a fair amount of sound from coming through the windows, while colourful rugs and carpets can dampen the noise that goes through the floors.

Colours: They do play an important role in prepping up your toddler’s mood during bedtime. Avoid bright reds and other bold colours that are too stimulating to be deemed fit for a calming kid’s room. Also avoid high-contrast palettes and busy patterns on walls, bedding and rugs. Painting the walls in white or pastel colours will bring calming energy into the room. Select soothing hues like pale pink, baby blue, or soft yellow.

Temperature: If your little one is fussy during bedtime, keeping the bedroom temperature on the cooler side surely helps. Dress your toddler in a comfortable onesie or sleep sack before you tuck them in.

Bedding: A baby’s mattress is very different from adults. Choose a firm mattress that can adapt to the toddler’s body, making them comfortable and supportive to sleep on. Materials such as natural latex foam, rubberised coir, cotton and wool are considered to be the best for a baby’s mattress. Make sure the bedding is breathable and non-allergenic. Pair it with a hygienic waterproof cover that protects the mattress from spillages. Check out Beddy’s products here for the safest bedding options for your little one!

Hope these tips help you and your toddler drift off to a good night’s sleep.