What is a good sleep routine for my new born?
Babies and toddlers are sticklers for routine, and hence having a repetitive sleep routine shall help in soothing themselves to sleep.

Here are some suggestions on making a sleep routine for your baby.

1) Massage and Bathe- If your baby enjoys massage and bath,  this shall help them calm down. Most babies sleep better after a massage and bath.

2) Dress them comfortably- Babies should be dressed in soft skin friendly materials such as cotton. Their nappies/ diapers should be clean.

3) Feed- Your baby will sleep better if she is well fed. It is essential to burp her as well.

4) Put her in her own bed- Babies start recognizing their own bed fairly quickly. Place her in her cradle/cot when it’s time to sleep.  
5) Light Music- Most babies love music. Putting on soft music naturally calms them.

6) Turn off the lights and noise- This well help your baby to recognize that lights are dimmed when it’s time to sleep. This association further helps in the long term.

7)Pacify- Pacify your baby is she needs your touch and is crying. If she is already drowsy, letting her learn to go off to sleep on her own in her bed is best for her and you.