The most important specification that a mattress should conform to is being firm. The mattress should support for even distribution of weight. Secondly (preferably) a baby’s mattress should be breathable to avoid chances of suffocation and manifestation of infections/pests.

A baby’s mattress can be made from Natural (Latex foam, Rubberised Coir and cotton), Spring, or PU Foam. Let’s analyse each mattress to understand what’s the best:

  1. Natural Mattress- As the name suggests, natural mattresses are made from natural materials. Components such as natural rubberised coir and latex foam offer many benefits making them the most trusted choice for baby mattresses in Europe.
  1. Breathable
  2. Equal distribution of weight – Firm
  3. Durable
  4. Safe
  5. Pest resistant
  6. Expensive
  1. Most Natural materials need to undergo some processing to ensure they are hygienic and safe to use. It may be wise to look for certifications for these components, to ensure your child’s safety against any allergies.
  2. It is best to buy a natural mattress from a trusted source. Cotton may be sourced from undependable/ unhygienic source.

2. PU (Polyurethane)_Foam mattresses are made from Polyurethane Foam. 

  1. Cost Effective
  2. Even weight distribution


  1. Pu Foam is entirely made from chemicals
  2. It is non-breathable and hence poses a threat of suffocation


  1. Under the pretext of being lightweight, many times PU Foam mattresses are not made “Firm” enough. A mattress should be checked for even distribution before purchase.
  2. Memory/ Visco elastic foams should be avoided for babies as they can result in suffocation.
  3. Often, rebonded/other low quality foams are used instead of PU foam. Ensure you buy from a reliable/trustworthy source.

Spring Mattress- Mattresses made from spring coils are spring mattresses. They come in 2 types- Bonnel and Pocketed spring.

  1. Spring mattresses are durable
  2. If combined with natural materials- they are breathable


  1. Bonnel spring mattress may not achieve an even distribution of weight
  2. Most parents in India, have a natural resistance to put their babies on springs.

To summarise, think of how long you would want to use the mattress for, and what is your budget. The important factors- firmness and breathability.

  1. Small crib/Bassinet Mattress (0-1 year)- Choose a firm and breathable mattress, this avoids the risk of suffocation. You may look for a cost effective solution for this. You may like to see Beddy Blossom
  2. Cot mattress (0-7 years)- If you are looking for buying a mattress for a longer period, use a natural mattress. The cost paid initially pays off in the longevity for it being resilient and durable along with natural. You may like to see  Beddy Nest