Your new born baby sleeps 18-22 hours in a day. The safest place for a baby, is a firm mattress designed to support the baby optimally. A soft mattress has the risk of suffocating the baby, while a hard mattress may not be suitable for best development.

Adults often have varying choices for the mattress surface they prefer. Their mattresses can be hard or soft based on personal preferences. Sharing your bed with your new born is not ideal for the following reasons:

  • Safety- An adult mattress is not safe for babies
  • Comfort– Your mattress might be too soft or too hard for them
  • Hygiene– An already used mattress may inhabit germs and infections, not ideal for a new born in anyway.
  • Chemicals– Adult mattresses are sometimes made of components not good for infants, such as memory foam.

All Beddy mattresses are optimized to be firm, safe, breathable, waterproof, with use of mostly natural materials.