Beddy Blossom-Kids Mattress

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It's a mother's choice of mattress for a child development

All natural with the core of rubberised coir, profiled foam and 100% cotton fabric

Ideal firm in nature to enhance a baby's spinal support

Comes with waterproof and washable outer zip cover

More about the product

Beddy Blossom- Baby Mattress made with Natural Rubberised Coir and high density Profiled PU Foam, Beddy Blossom supports your child optimally. The Natural Rubberised Coir core is certified to be “Free from harmful Chemicals” and safe for use for babies by Oeko Tex- an independent German Laboratory. High density profiled foam, not only provides the best cushioning but is also breathable. The outer cover of the mattress is 100% cotton, attractive, non allergenic and breathable. The mattress is Firm, breathable, temperature regulating and comes with a free waterproof protector- Beddy Shield that protects the mattress from any spillage. It’s the mattress that every parent loves!

Rubberised coir and profiled PU foam

Gaining customers’ trust since 1988

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Why is Beddy Blossom Special?

As per the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Beddy Blossom is a Firm Mattress. Beddy Blossom is made from Rubberised coir (that is certified to be “Free from Harmful Chemicals” and safe for babies by Oeko tex- an independent German laboratory) , High Density Profiled Pu Foam and Cotton. The Mattress cover is attractive and made from 100% cotton to suit the delicate infant skin. Beddy Shield – a washable, waterproof, snugfit mattress protector is provided free with Beddy Blossom. The mattress is Firm, breathable, waterproof, non-allergenic, temperature regulating, safe, durable and hygienic.
Some of them, using natural materials are. Natural materials such as rubberised coir, cotton and natural latex foam with pin cores are breathable.
A mattress that is soft, poses the risk of suffocating the baby. Additionally, for optimal spine, bone and muscle development, babies need a firm surface to sleep on.
When certified, natural materials are the safest. They do not contain harmful chemicals that may pose breathing or allergenic challenges to your baby’s delicate skin.
No. A used baby mattress will have germs infestation. This may be because of spillage or any germs/ infections passed on by the previous owner.
The best test for a firm mattress is to place your hand on the centre and sides and press. See how long it takes for the mattress to bounce back. A good firm mattress quickly loses the shape of your hand and bounces back.
A baby’s mattress should be Firm, made from high quality (preferably natural and certified) materials. It should also be breathable, skin friendly and have a waterproofing to protect from spillage.