1. Well- being and health- If your baby has a medical discomfort, then he/ she might incessantly cry at night. Colic babies have an underdeveloped gastrointestinal system, which causes them discomfort. Other medical reasons, such as GERD, fever, cold etc. may affect their sleep.
  2. Hygiene– A new born baby should be frequently checked to ensure it is dry. Whether using cotton nappies or diapers, vigilance is required to ensure that the baby is in hygienic conditions.
  3. Well fed- A hungry baby won’t be able to sleep. The baby should be well fed, and most importantly, well-burped.
  4. Environment:
    • Bed- Stable bed that prevents the child from the risk of falling off in sleep.
    • Mattress- Firm and breathable.
    • Noise- Minimal noise
    • Light- slightly lighted- enough for the mother to check for the baby at night.
    • Temperature- 20- 24 degree
    • Relaxation- A massage, or a song that would help relax the baby/ child to sleep.
  5. Clothes- The baby should be comfortably clothed- preferably in cotton. For the first couple of weeks, care should be taken to wear clothes that do not interfere with the umbilical cord till it falls off
  6. Blankets/ cushions/ pillows– Ideally, the baby should not have any accessories other than a firm mattress and a tight-fitting bed sheet. All other items have a potential risk of suffocation.