Rubberised coir is a very popular mattress component. Its unique property of being spring-like, natural and durable makes it an ideal choice for baby mattresses and nature lovers.
Rubberised coir is made from coconut fibre or coir (the fibre that grows on a coconut) and natural latex (collected from rubber trees). The coir fibre is bundled in twisted ropes and stored for a few months to make it springy. The fibre is then untwisted and treated with natural latex spray to make sheets of rubberised coir.
To finish the process, rubberised coir sheets are vulcanised at very high temperatures to ensure their hygiene. They are also aired to ensure absence of any odour. The result is natural, breathable, pest free and springy rubberised coir.
The hygiene and safety of natural products depends on the reliability of the source. It is thus important in baby mattresses to use rubberised coir that is certified by independent laboratories such as the Oeko-Tex. These labs check the products for chemicals, odour, volatile emmissions etc, before certifying the product as safe.
Beddy uses only rubberised coir that is certified as “Free from Harmful Chemicals” and approved for use for babies by Oeko-Tex- an independent German Laboratory.