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High priced mattresses, are they worth it? Mattress Manufacturers have been releasing mattresses with varied pricing. The same manufacturer has a product in the price range which starts at 3,000 INR to some crossing 1,00,000 INR. This might seem daunting to a customer as it is hard for them to ascertain the true value of a mattress. In this piece we are going to highlight the various technologies in a mattress and their effect on your sleep and the rough pricing to include them in your mattress. The idea of this piece is to help you select a mattress with all the bells and whistles you need but at price affordable to you.

The start with we can understand with your need. You could be a causal buyer of mattresses who expects a good sleep out of his mattress and it provides good support to prevent orthopedic problems from arising.

Alternatively you could be getting back aches or other issues after sleep it is best you consult a doctor who would advise on the right type of mattress or correct sleeping position. You could also visit an offline retail store of a reputed mattress enterprise who would better help you out with the selection.

Now assuming you are a buyer without any pre – existing medical conditions, the best place to understand an industry is to start at the top.

The best possible mattresses in the industry technology wise are the Memory foam mattresses. The use a visco elastic form (memory foam). The foams shapes itself around your body based on your body heat and it maintains that shape as long as you lie on it. Its also one of the softest materials used in mattress manufacturing. These mattresses are the most expensive and the best in the industry. They also have the longest life

Most mattresses using memory foams are mostly hybrid mattresses. They have their core made of springs, rubberized coir or latex foam. This enables the manufacturers to make mattresses with all the good features of memory foam but provide them at prices affordable to a larger audience.

If stiffer mattresses are your choice you can choose spring mattresses. They are affordable and comfortable. Though beware if you have kids at home (They make tempting trampolines), jumping on them can cause the spring to get deformed which can lead to a malformed mattresses which can be bad for your back when you sleep on them.

Among stiff mattresses there is the choice of coir or rubberized coir mattress. They are 100% biodegradable and the most affordable. If you are the type who shifts houses often or change your mattresses often this is the best choice. On the negative side they have the lowest life for a mattresses.

These are the common types of mattresses. From the options mentioned above and their pricing, Choosing a mattress is much easier. The thumb rules for purchasing them are below.

  • If budget is no constrain go for Memory foam mattresses.

  • If you still want high quality but looking for lower prices. The cheat order for the prices of Hybrid memory foam mattresses are. Latex foam core >> Spring core >> Rubberized Coir.

  • If you want a stiff mattress choose spring mattresses. (But look for deformations if you have kids).

  • If you change your mattresses often and looking for most affordable options go for Coir Mattresses.

Happy Mattress Shopping.